CTMDR – Myrtle Beach Bike Week Thunder
V-Twin E.T.

V-Twin E.T.  — 1/8th Mile .500 Full Tree – All Run Field
Entry Fee — $50.00 Per Bike
Payout 90% of Entry Fee.  Trophies and payout = First, Runer-Up, & Simi.   Tech card included in Entry Fee

The V-Twin Class  is open to ALL configurations of V-Twin Motorcycles.

The Rules Are Simple — All Run Field – Any Size Engine, Any Frame, Any Length Frame or Swingarm, Any Trany, Any Ignition = “Run What You Brung”   As long as you pass Tech.

The V-Twin Class, is designed to give  ALL V-Twin Racers a completely separate class to run against each other absent of four-cylinder entries.    All Harleys – Panheads, Knucklehead, Shovelheads, Evo’s, Indian, All Bikes with S& S Motors, ALL V-Twins from all manufactures are welcome to race in this class.

Motorcycles must be ridden under it’s own power to staging, starting line and back to the pit area after completion of the run (no towing allowed except for verified breakage after the conclusion of a run).

ALL Racers, Beginners to Pros & ALL Motorcycles Are Welcome.

Designation:   The class designation is VT followed by the Rider Number.

General:   A rider may only enter one bike in this class, and that bike may only be entered one time in this class.

Qualifying Procedure:   All Run Field.   All entries in the Street Class will run round one and two of qualifying on a random pairing basis.

Buybacks:  —   1st & 2nd Round Buyback $20.00 Each.  *** Wear a MBBW Thunder or CTMDR Tee and the 2nd Round Buyback is FREE.

Engine:   Any V-Twin

Fuel:   Any gasoline is allowed.

Tires:   DOT-approved motorcycle street tires.   Slicks are allowed with Wheelie Bars.

Clutch:   Any

Transmissions:   Any

Brakes:    Brakes are required on all bikes entered and must be in good working condition.   We want you to stop.

General Safety:   All riders must have full leathers (zipped together leathers are recommended and may be mandatory in future).   All riders must have a SNELL 95 or higher full-face helmet with shield, leathers gloves, and shoes above the ankle.    All motorcycles and riders must pass Tech. Kill switches required on all entrants.


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