Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing


Back to the Past Motorcycle Drag Racing

Vintage Motorcycles
All Vintage Motorcycles 1984 and back with any engine designed to the period.

Vintage Racing Format:
The Vintage Motorcycle Class is run on a 1/8th Mile – E.T. Racing Format – 500 Full Tree.

Entry Fee — $50.00 Per Bike
Payout 90% of Entry Fee.  Trophies and payout = First, Runer-Up, & Simi.   Tech card included in Entry Fee

Stock & Modified Vintage Motorcycles 1984 and Back make up the Vintage Motorcycle Drag Racing Class. The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and into the 80’s brought about a massive change to the Motorcycle Drag Racing World. When mechanics and riders modified their engines, frames, swing arms and adding wheelie bars. Some even adding two or three engines to a custom made racing frame and their creations were not only fast but were crowd drawers at the Drag Strips. We welcome all two and three engine bikes and all single engine bikes — Panheads, Knuckleheads, Shovelheads, Triumphs, BSAs, Nortons, Kawasaki, Hondas, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW’s and Custom Racing Machines back to the track. Enjoy these beautiful Vintage Drag Bikes racing again like in the past. This Motorcycle Drag Racing History Still Running and Racing.

Vintage Motorcycle Class
Sportsman Format – All Run Field – Any Cubic Inch – No Power Adders – DOT Street Legal Tires or Slicks.  Wheelie Bars Allowed – No Electronics ie: Two Steps/Launch Control – All Bikes 1984 and Back are Welcome.

ALL Racers, Beginners to Pros & ALL Motorcycles Are Welcome.

Designation:    V   Followed by rider number.

*** Motorcycle must be ridden under it’s own power to staging, starting line and back to the pit area after completion of the run (no towing allowed except for verified breakage after the conclusion of a run).

Vintage Motorcycles Qualifying Procedure:
All entries in the Vintage Motorcycle Class will run round one and two rounds of qualifying on a random pairing basis.

Buybacks: —  1st & 2 rd Round Buybacks $20.00 Each

Entry Fees / Payouts:
**** Trophies and Payout to the – Winner – Runner Up – Semi.

A rider may only enter one bike in this class, and that bike may only be entered one time in this class.

Engine:   Design to Period 1984 back is allowed in Vintage Motorcycle Class.

Fuel:   Gas, Alcohol and Nitrous allowed. No propylene oxide.

Fuel Delivery:   Period Correct

Frame:   Any style frame stock, modified or custom is legal. Custom Frames for Two or Three Engine Racing Bikes are Welcome. Must pass Tech Inspector approval for safety.

Brakes:    Any Brake System is allowed. Must be in good working condition.

Clutch:   Any style clutch is permitted. (No clutch cannons)

Transmission:    Can run any stock, single speed or multi 2-3 gear tranny or after market transmissions. Belt drives are legal. Rear wheel drives may consist of any ratios and materials..

Ignition:    Any ignition system is allowed.

Tires:   DOT Street Tires.   Wheelie bars are permitted with Slicks

General:    A rider may only enter one bike in this class, and that bike may only be entered one time in this class.

General Safety:
Helmet – Full coverage helmets only!    Must be Snell-2000 or ECE 22.05 or current helmet requirements approved by tech.    Eye protection is required. Protective Clothing – Leather jackets, full-finger leather gloves and hi-top leather shoes or boots.   Riders exceeding 120 mph must wear full leathers.    Safety is very important – Please Be Safe.

**** We Welcome ALL Vintage Motorcycle Owners and Racers from all over the country.    Any engine designed in 1984 or older preserving the History of Motorcycle Racing


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