Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing

Test & Tune

Test & Tune is included with all CTMDR Racing Classes when you register to race.

Want to go fast?  This is your chance!  There are no winners or losers in T&T.   Bring your favorite bike or bikes to any or all CTMDR Races and see what your bike can run at the drag strip.   You and Your Bike must pass a tech inspection and you must have a valid driver’s license.   If you are a minor your parents will need to sign a release form the Drag Strips have for you to T&T.

ALL Racers, Beginners to Pros & ALL Motorcycles Are Welcome. ** Membership in CTMDR is not required to participate (race) in any of the CTMDR Races.    CTMDR Membership Form

First Time Going Down A Drag Strip
The first time on a drag strip can be scary. Even if you’ve been riding a bike for a long time, on a new track you need to learn the track.   We encourage you to Read This Article about Going down A Drag Strip.

Yes you will need to pay your admission into the Racing event and purchase a Tech Card.  Your motorcycle will need to go through Tech before going down the track.   You can make as many runs down the track as you like as long as T&T is open.   T&T Times will be posted with the race schedule for each CTMDR Race.   *** You do NOT have to be signed up to Race in one of the Racing Classes to participate in T&T.

Tracks normally charge a nominal fee for T&T.   T&T fees will be posted with each race.  When you make a run down a drag strip you get seat time racing and a time slip which tells you exactly how fast you went.

There are no dial ins, no winners or losers in T&T.   T&T is racing time where you have the opportunity to make adjustments (the Tune part of T&T) to your bike, and then make a run (Test) to evaluate your adjustments.   Racers learn how their bike is going to handle in each race lane during T&T.   You may go down the track beside another bike or you may do a solo run.   You can keep running until the T&T ends or you get your bike ready to go racing.   Good Luck and Have Fun.

There are a lot of reasons that people take their bikes to the drag strip, and many participants are simply there to test parts or see how quick their bike will go for bragging rights.

For others, it’s the adrenaline rush of running a bike at high speed, or the thrill of competition in the classes that have eliminations and payouts or trophies.

You don’t need a purpose-built race bike to run or compete at the track.   CTMDR offers a “Rookie Class” and several other classes, that anyone with a valid Drivers License and pays the entry fee can race in.   Remember you and your bike must pass tech to race in any racing class with CTMDR.

Drag Racing is a fun sport.  It’s also a blast just to see how fast you can get your bike to go.   Be warned however, Drag Racing can lead to an addicting need for speed — At The Drag Strip.

The great thing about drag racing is there is always room to grow in the sport.   You may start out racing your bike occasionally on the weekends, but there’s no telling where it may lead.

Good News — CTMDR offers race classes for racers to participate in, no matter how fast you make your bike. See You At The Drag Strip   /   Sonny


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