Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing
Real Street

Real Street ( .400 Pro Tree – All Run filed )
This is a 1/8 mile heads-up class run on a .400 Pro Tree

Real Street is open to All Street Legal Sport Bikes with limited modifications and a hand clutch.   In an effort to both control costs and to keep the visual appearance as close to the original production design.

** Motorcycle must be ridden under it’s own power to staging, starting line and back to the pit area after completion of the run (no towing allowed except for verified breakage after the conclusion of a run).

ALL Racers, Beginners to Pros & ALL Motorcycles Are Welcome. ** Membership in CTMDR is not required to participate (race) in any of the CTMDR Races.     CTMDR Membership Form

FORMAT:   This is a 1/8 mile heads-up class run on a .400 pro tree.

Designation:   The class designation is RST followed by the Rider Number.

General:   A rider may only enter one bike in this class, and that bike may only be entered one time in this class.

Real Street Qualifying Procedure:    All Run Field.   All entries in the Real Street Class will run round one and two of qualifying on a random pairing basis.    After Round Two of qualifying Racers line up in the left or right side of the lane your class is called to on a random pairing basis until were down to 16 bikes.

Buybacks:  —   1st Round Buybacks Only

The class will qualify a 16-bike field and place them on a Pro Ladder.

Pro Ladder Parings:   Once we get down to 16 bikes or less, the class will be placed on a Pro Ladder based on reaction time from the previous round.   Once the ladder is generated, lane choice is given to the rider with the better qualifying position.   16 – 8 – 4 – 2 – Winner.

Entry Fees / Payouts:    Entry Fee / Payout go to:  CTMDR 2019 Entry Fee – Payouts      **** Trophies and Payout to the – Winner – Runner Up – Semi.

Engine:   Open to ALL Street Bikes with Street legal or Non-Street Legal motorcycle engines.   Any internal engine modifications are allowed.  Engine swaps from different year models are permitted, but motor must bolt into stock unaltered frame.   Aftermarket blocks are prohibited.   Dry sumps or vacuum pumps are prohibited.

Fuel:   Any gasoline is allowed. Nitromethane, propylene oxide, ethanol, and methanol are not allowed.    Aftermarket fuel pumps, injectors, regulators, filters, fuel lines, and fuel rails are permitted.

Nitrous Oxide:    Any style nitrous system is permitted with any number of solenoids or nozzles permitted.

Superchargers:    Any style engine-driven supercharger is allowed. Supercharged entrants shall follow the nitrous-injection rules. Supercharging and nitrous may not be used in combination.

Turbochargers: Turbocharged entrants are limited to one turbo with a maximum turbo inlet opening of 54.5mm.

Normally Aspirated:   Naturally aspirated engines are permitted. Air supply for the air shifter must be contained within the swingarm or in a DOT style tank as long as it has no bottle valve and is connected by plastic line with a maximum burst pressure rating of no more than 300psi. No other DOT bottles are permitted on the motorcycle for any other purpose.

Frame:    OEM frames must be used and cannot be modified in any way unless otherwise noted. VIN numbers must be on frame and readable.

Subframe:   OEM sub-frames must be used and cannot be modified unless otherwise noted. Aftermarket “inner fenders” can be bolted to sub-frame for more tire clearance.

License Plate:   All motorcycles in this class must have a license plate mounted on the motorcycle.    Valid stickers and registration are not required, and plate can be used from another motorcycle.   License plate must be mounted securely.

Tires:   DOT-approved motorcycle street tires only.   Slicks are prohibited

Wheelie Bars:   Wheelie bars are prohibited.

Clutch:   Slider clutches are prohibited.  No pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic clutch engagement, activation, or engagement force systems are allowed.   Clutch baskets, inner hubs, spacer, standoffs, slave cylinders, and pressure plates can be switched between different year motorcycles.  Billet clutch baskets and inner hubs are permitted. Modification of clutch to eliminate factory style back-torque cam assembly is permitted.   Modifications of spacers and stand-offs to alter spring install height is allowed.

Transmissions:   All entrants must utilize an OEM-style shift drum, shift forks, and transmission.   Shift drum must fit into unmodified OEM engine cases.   Transmission components may be modified or replaced with aftermarket components of a similar design and function.   No Automatic Transmissions.   “Automatic,” no-kill or override-shift style transmissions not allowed.

Ground Clearance:   The motorcycle must have a minimum of 2” ground clearance with rider sitting on the bike.

Rear Suspension :   OEM and aftermarket shocks and aftermarket suspension linkages may be used.   Aftermarket dog bones are permitted.

Brakes:    Brakes are required on all bikes entered and must be in good working condition.   We want you to stop.

Wheels:   OEM or Aftermarket wheels.  Wheels can be painted, powder coated, or polished.

Electrical:    2-steps, delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are prohibited.

Ignition:   Any ignition system is allowed.    Computers: only data gathering computers allowed.

Starting System :   Battery must remain in OEM factory stock location. Push starts are not permitted.

Charging System:   OEM factory stock charging system components are required.   Charging systems must be functional and operational at all times during qualifying and eliminations.   All components of lighting system must be on at all times during the run, including the burnout and shutdown.   Multiple light systems must have all bulbs operating.

Cooling System:   An OEM radiator is required.   Radiator must be located in the original OEM location and must utilize the original OEM upper radiator mounts

General Safety:   All riders must have full leathers (zipped together leathers are recommended and may be mandatory in future).   All riders must have a SNELL 95 or higher full-face helmet with shield, leathers gloves, and shoes above the ankle.    All motorcycles and riders must pass Tech. Kill switches required on all entrants.


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