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Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing

Race Rules

CTMDR — Bringing Motorcycle Drag Racers Together for Motorcycle Drag Racing Events in the Carolinas and Surrounding States.

Attention Racers:
Drag Racing is one of the original forms of motorsport competition and racers have always appreciated pushing the limits of their machines.  Racers are the Starts of the Strip!   We Welcome ALL Racers – Beginners to Professional Motorcycle Drag Racers. CTMDR, races are run at 1/8th Mile Drag Strips.  In addition to ALL Racers — We welcome All Sport Bikes, V-Twins & Baggers, All Metric Motorcycles, British  & European Motorcycles.  We Welcome All Manufactures, Sponsors & Supporters at all our events.

We welcome ALL Racers & Public Input.   We will add, change or modify a racing class if the interest and support is there.    If you have a recommendation see us at the track or call us @ 336-643-1367 or email us @ sonny@ctmdr.com with your suggestions / Sonny

First Time Going Down A Drag Strip
The first time on a drag strip can be scary. Even if you’ve been riding a bike for a long time, on a new track you need to learn the track.   We encourage you to Read This Article about Going down A Drag Strip.

Racing Rules:
All drag strips have safety rules and regulations and so does CTMDR have safety rules.  We have rules posted with each racing class we offer that apply to the bikes and rider requirements.  We also have General Rules & Regulations listed. Safety is important at ALL   Drag Strips, not only for the racers and their crew members but also for everyone working and attending events at the Drag Strips.  We appreciate any and all suggestions on making our events safer.  If you have a recommendation see us at the track or call us at the phone #’s below or email us with your suggestions.

When it comes to Racing Safety – Racers will do everything they can to make their motorcycle as safe as possible but yet they do everything they can to make them as fast as they can. In all the racing classes we have rules or guidelines posted for the bikes to go by racing in that class. We also have at the end of almost all racing classes safety info for the rider. We wanted to give you some more info on rider safety and this is why we added this page “Safety”to the website

Drag Racing Terms:
On this page is a list of terms most commonly used when people are talking about drag racing. Hopefully this will help you understand what someone is talking about or referring to when people are talking about Drag Racing.

The Christmas Tree
Getting a good reaction time at the starting line (better known as cutting a light) all starts with the Christmas Tree. A “good light,” will give you a big advantage over your opponent, especially if you are running the slower bike. Some racers, especially in the professional classes, are known for their consistently quick reaction times. In simple terms, the Tree is a set of vertical lights that gives the driver a visual countdown to the start of a race. Referring to the illustration in the top right corner, the lights are as follows, from top

The Time Slip:
After you make a run, the track official in the booth on the return road, will hand you a piece of paper with numbers all over it. This paper is called the time slip. The time slip tells you how well you launched, how quickly and fast you went at various points on the track, and what your final ET and mile per hour were. And if you were racing against an opponent, the time slip tells you how they did also.

Lane Choice:
*Odd numbered staging lanes (1-3-5-7) will run in the Right Lane.
* Even numbered staging lanes (2-4-6-8) will run in the Left Lane.
This is true for both time trials and eliminations. Once the Staging Director has motioned for the bikes at the front of each lane to pull out, you will not be able to change lanes.   Any racer caught changing lanes at this time will be disqualified.    The Staging Official located at the back of the staging lane will also close those lanes at this time.   Any racer caught changing lanes at this time will be disqualified.   During eliminations, all bikes will be run side by side from the front to rear of the lanes.    In the event that all remaining bikes are in the same lane, lane choice will be determined by the drawing of high card by the driver.    High card will receive lane choice. Race Director can pull any lane in any order.

Break Passes:
If you break your motorcycle prior to the start of round 1 time trials, we will gladly give you a break pass credit minus spectator entry for the next Race CTMDR has.   Break Passes are only good for the next CTMDR Race unless a different Break Pass Date is approved for you by CTMDR.

Bye Runs:
Bye Runs will be determined by the best reaction time from the previous round. 1st round bye run will be the best reaction time from the last time trial session. A Bye will be called every round until the quarter final round. From this point on, if the bike count is even, there will be no more byes called.


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