Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing

Pro Open

Pro Open  —  400 Pro Tree, All Run Field
This class will showcase the most diverse array of drag bikes the sport can provide!     Pro Open is open, actually WIDE Open to ANY combination you want to bring out.    These purpose-built machines will attempt to put their massive amounts of horsepower to the ground and propel them through the 1/8th mile in search of a quick ET and high MPH.    All Retired to Present Day Funny Bikes, Pro Mod, Pro Comp, Pro Fuel Bikes, experimental Bikes, all are welcome.

If you can stuff a motor, any motor, into a chassis with two wheels in place, you can run it in the Pro Open Class.    Any motor, any combination, any wheel base, any fuel, if you can build it, show up and run it.    There are no special rules aside from the usual safety requirements.

There are many Older Pro Bikes including the AHDRA Pro Bikes parked since the demise of that sanction.     A thundering performance from any combination is welcome here.    We are hoping that a lot of the old Funny Bikes, Pro Comp Bikes and the like will come out and be part of this class. Any of them can kick some serious butt in Pro Open Class.

Remember  — These purpose-built machines will attempt to put their massive amounts of horsepower to the ground on a 1/8 mile track in search of a quick ET and high MPH.    This class will showcase the most diverse array of drag bikes the sport can provide!

Designation:    P/O followed by rider number.

Racing Format:
400 Pro Tree, All Run Field, Open to ALL Entries – Must Pass Tech & Safety Inspection.

Pro Open Qualifying Procedure:
All entries in the Pro Open Class will run round one and two of qualifying on a random pairing basis.   After Round Two of qualifying Racers line up in the left or right side of the lane your class is called to on a random pairing basis until were down to 16 bikes.

Buybacks:  —  1st Round Buybacks

The class will qualify a 16-bike field and place them on a Pro Ladder.

Pro Ladder Parings:   Once we get down to 16 bikes or less, the class will be placed on a Pro Ladder based on reaction time from the previous round.   Once the ladder is generated, lane choice is given to the rider with the better qualifying position.   16 – 8 – 4 – 2 – Winner.

Points / Entry Fees / Payouts:
Rider & Bike is included in the Entry Fee.  Entry Fee / Payout go to:  CTMDR 2019 Entry Fee – Payouts     **** Trophies and Payout to the – Winner – Runner Up – Semi.

Engine:   Any type of power plant is allowed in Pro Open.

Any frame, Street or Drag Frame and frame material is legal.  Must pass Tech Inspectors approval for safety.

Can run any stock or after market transmission. Belt drives are legal. Rear wheel drives may consist of any ratios and materials..

Clutch:    Any clutch set up is legal

Ignition:    Any ignition system is allowed.

2-steps, are permitted.   Delay boxes are prohibited.  Delay boxes must be disconnected and removed.

Control Switches:
Must be mounted and constructed in a safe, craftsman-like manner. Must have an emergency kill switch on all motorcycles with 12.00 E.T. and quicker.

Handlebar controls must be located in safe, workable position. Foot pegs and foot controls must be located in safe, workable position and must be mounted in a safe, craftsman-like manner

DOT tires that will pass safety inspection or any size slick are permitted.

Wheelie Bars:
Wheelie bars they are permitted

Any gas tank is allowed but must be mounted and constructed in a safe, craftsman-like manner. Rear fender must cover the width of the rear tire and extend beyond the vertical center line of the rear axle.

Fairing: –    Allowed.

Seat:     All motorcycles must have a seat

Minimum Weight:     There are no weight requirements in the Pro Open Class.

The Pro Open Class does not have a wheelbase minimum or maximum.   Any entry whose wheelbase may be directly or indirectly creating a safety issue to the rider or rider in the other lane will be held till issues are corrected.    This decision will be at the discretion of the Tech Director.

Any gasoline is allowed, as well as ethanol, methanol, and nitro methane. Propylene oxide is not allowed in any category.     Any Type of: Carburetor, Nitrous Oxide, Super Charger, Turbocharger & Fuel Injection systems are permitted

Injected Nitro:
Allowed and can be combined with a supercharger, turbocharger, or nitrous oxide.

Engine Management Systems:
Engine management systems (EMS), also known as Engine Control Units (ECU) may be either factory or aftermarket units. Factory ECUs may be swapped from other makes or models of bikes are allowed.

Operational front and rear brakes are mandatory and must be in safe operating condition. Brake lines must be OEM type, braided steel hose or stainless steel line. Braided steel hose is highly recommended. Brake lines are to be routed and mounted properly to insure no contact with moving parts. ** Carbon fiber brake pads or disks are prohibited.

Ground Clearance:
All Pro Open entries must have a minimum of 2” ground clearance with rider sitting on bike, straight up perpendicular to ground (oil retention blankets may be removed to pass ground clearance test)    All ground clearances are to be measured with the amount of air present in the rear tire at the conclusion of the run.    No rider or team member is allowed to alter the pressure, measure the pressure, or otherwise make any contact with either tire valve stem until the conclusion of the post-run technical inspection.    If an entrant fails the ground clearance inspection and their rear tire pressure has dropped below 8lbs they will be allowed, upon the tech director’s approval, to raise the rear tire to 8lbs and reattempt the ground clearance test.

Tech Inspection:
CTMDR or TRACK TECH may, at any time, on any motorcycle in competition, examine the vehicle being raced if safety concerns arise or for any reason. Tech must give you a reason for checking your vehicle after it has passed Tech.

General Safety:
All riders must have full leathers (zipped together leathers are recommended and may be mandatory in future). All riders must have a SNELL 95 or higher full-face helmet with shield, leathers gloves, and shoes above the ankle. All motorcycles and riders must pass track safety inspection. Ballistic blankets are recommended but are not required. Tether kill switches required on all entrants. Kill switch, when activated, must disable ignition, fuel pump(s) and nitrous system solenoids.


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