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Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing

Welcome to the World of Motorcycle Drag Racing

Fans & Racers alike flock to Drag Strips annually to see and hear the spectacle known as Motorcycle Drag Racing. Motorcycles locked into Side-by-Side Acceleration Contests. Yes, Motorcycle Drag Racing could be described as Two Bikes, with Two Drivers, Traveling at Ludicrous Speeds on a Drag Strip to see who can Accelerate to the Finish Line First. It’s also about the Racers Themselves Challenging Themselves as much as they do their motorcycles, just to see how far they can go. With CTMDR Motorcycle Drag Racing, all you have to do is show up, there’s a Show Going on Everywhere You Look. On the Track, in the Pit areas, the Stands, the Vendors, the Swap Meets, the Bike Games, the Bike Shows and the Campers, the Action Never Stops. At the end, you’ll find yourself like others looking forward to the Next Motorcycle Drag Racing Weekend.

Drag Racing is one of the original forms of motorsport competition and motorcycle enthusiasts have always appreciated pushing the limits of their machines. A drag race is an acceleration contest from a standing start between two vehicles over a measured distance, either 1/8 or 1/4 mile.   It provides the spectator a unique perspective as the entire race is visible from start to finish with a winner determined in mere seconds.

Today’s V-Twin Bikes & Sport Bikes are capable of such tremendous speed; taking them to the race track is really the only place to ride wide open.

Unfortunately riding a motorcycle (even at posted speeds) on today’s busy streets and roads is getting to be a dangerous place.   With the number of highway related motorcycle accidents and deaths on the rise, organized racing events like CTMDR produces, are becoming increasingly important as a means to let motorcyclists test their machines in a fun, safe and controlled environment.   Racers can learn what their bike is capable of without the inherent dangers of riding on the street and in street traffic.

Motorcycle Drag Racing is an important venue for the motorcycling industry as it’s an ideal place for Bike Shops, Engine Builders, Dealerships who sponsor   Drag Bikes and the manufacturers of parts and machines to represent themselves in a competitive environment.   What sets the CTMDR apart from many other forms of racing is that ALL Brands & ALL Types of Motorcycles are welcome and represented.

Attention Sponsors / Supporters
By Sponsoring / Supporting CTMDR, not only are you promoting your company to thousands of race and motorcycle enthusiasts, you are supporting the growing sport of Motorcycle Drag racing in the Carolinas & Surrounding States and ensuring a venue for motorcycle riders to test their metal in a safe, controlled environment where they can “take it to the track” rather than on the street.

Spectators at CTMDR events are invited to visit the pits and talk with the racers and crews.   Fans can come and see these motorcycles up close and talk to the builders, tuners and pilots who ride these bikes.   Who knows a young person coming to the Races and Visiting the Pits and gets the Racing Bug — Might become a Future Champion in the Motorcycle Drag Racing World.

We Hope to See You at the Drag Strip

Sonny Copeland
Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing


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