Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing
Fastest Legal All Street Harleys
A Specialty Non-Points Drag Race Class

Harley Sportster Motorcycles:   .400 Pro Tree – All Run Field
Only Harley Davidson® Sportster Motorcycles.   Factory Frame & Engine Cases, with HD -VIN Numbers Visiable.    ** NO Aftermarket frames or engine cases.

Harley Big Twin Motorcycles:   —   .400 Pro Tree – All Run Field
All Harley Davidson® Big Twin Drag Racing Class.   Factory Frame & Engine Cases, with HD VIN Numbers Only Allowed.   ** NO Aftermarket frames or engine cases.

The F.L.A.S.H. Racing Rules are Simple.
No E.T.  – No Index #’s – Go As Fast As You Can!
F.L.A.S.H. is a class for Street Legal Sportster, Big-Twin Harley Motorcycles that you ride on the Highway and you can enjoy racing at the Drag Strip.   A breakdown of F.L.A.S.H. Racing Rules is listed below.  If your bike has a current license plate and registration and the bike entered can pass a state inspection you should easily pass Tech.   Any questions Email — or give me a call Sonny 336-543-1367 Cell # 336-580-1638

ATTN. — ALL Racers, Beginners to Pros & ALL Motorcycles Are Welcome. ** Membership in CTMDR is not required to participate (race) in any of the CTMDR Races.    CTMDR Membership Form

Designation:   Sportster:  S/F — followed by Rider Number.
Designation:   Big-Twin:   BT-F  followed by Rider Number

Racing Format:   —   The “F.L.A.S.H.” Class is an All Run Field on a 1/8th mile track — .400 Pro Tree.

“FL.A.S.H.”  Qualifying Procedure: — ALL RUN FIELD — All entries in the “F.L.A.S.H.” Classes will run two rounds of qualifying on a random pairing basis.   After Round Two an Elimination Ladder will be produced based on Riders reaction times from round two.

Fees / Payouts: — Rider & Bike is included in the Entry Fee.  Entry Fee / Payout go to:  CTMDR 2019 Entry Fee – Payouts     **** Trophies and Payout to the – Winner – Runner Up – Semi

Buybacks:  —  1st Round Buybacks Only in both classes.

Both classes will qualify a 16-bike field and place them on a pro ladder.

General:  —  A rider may only enter one (1) bike in this class, and that bike may only be entered one time in this class and must be street legal.

Engine:  —  Street legal & Modified Harley Davidson® Sportster & Big Twin Engines with Factory Engine Cases,

Fuel:  —  Pump Gas Only.   Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) or Carburetor.   NO POWER ADDERS  NO Turbos  NO Nitrous.  **Pump Gas is what you buy at any local gas station.  (Regular, Mid Grade or Premium)

Rear Chain /  Belt Guard:    Required It Came On The Bike.

Brakes:  —  Front and Rear mandatory (Disc or Drum) and must be working properly.   Can be aftermarket brakes but must be mounted in factory locations.

Controls:  —  Handlebar controls must be located in safe workable position.    Foot pegs and foot controls must be located in safe, workable position and must be mounted in a safe, craftsman-like manner.   All controls must meet or exceed Factory Harley equipment standards. ** Remember These Are Street Legal Bikes.

Body:  —  Stock Factory Harley Davidson®  fenders and gas tank, or custom fenders and gas tank are allowed but must be mounted and constructed in a safe craftsman-like manner and mounted in factory  mounting locations.

Frame:   —   Harley Davidson® Factory Frame  – VIN Number in frame in factory location.  NO modifications to any Sportster or Big-Twin Harley Frames.

Swing Arm:  —  Factory Swing Arm.   NO Extended or widened Swing Arms.

Transmission:  —  Factory Harley Tranny or OEM Type Aftermarket Tranny

Ignition:  —  Factory or factory type Ignition Systems only.   NO – Delay boxes,     Electronic Throttle Stops and Auto Shift devices NOT allowed.

Lights:  —  Factory or OEM type Head Light, Tail Light & Break Lights Required On All Motorcycles.

Charging System:   Yes your motorcycle has to have a charging system.

Clutch:  —  Factory type Clutch Setup – NO Air Shift No locking clutches, ect.   Harley did not come out with them.

Tires.  —  DOT tires that will pass safety inspection. NO Slicks.

Swing Arm:  —  Factory Swing Arm.   NO Extended or widened Swing Arms.

Wheelie Bars: — NO Wheelie Bars

Ground Clearance:  —  Factory Ground Clearance Or 2 inch minimum with rider on bike.

Note:     The Rules / Regulations listed above apply to ALL Street Legal Harley Davidson® Sportster & Big Twin Motorcycles Only.

General Safety:
Track rules at Each Track Apply.

Questions on F.L.A.S.H.
Contact Sonny @
Office # 336-643-1367 Cell # 336-580-1638
We will be glad to answer any questions you many have.

General Safety:
Helmet – Full coverage helmets only! Must be Snell-2000 or ECE 22.05 or helmet approved by tech Eye protection is required. Protective Clothing – Leather jackets, full-finger leather gloves and hi-top leather shoes or boots. Riders exceeding 120 mph must wear full leathers. Safety is very important – Please Be Safe.


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