Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing
Street ET Class

“Street ET” (E.T. Bracket Racing Format)
1/8th Mile .500 Full Tree – All Run Field
Street E.T.  is open to ALL Street-legal Sport Bikes.   Any Street Bike, Brand, Make, Model 2 wheel motorcycles are allowed.   Snowmobiles are allowed in this class.   NO  3-wheel & 4-wheel vehicles, mini bikes, dirt bikes on-off road bikes are allowed in this class.  Some of these bikes may have minor modifications such as having been lowered, swing arms modified or engine modifications which is acceptable.

ALL Racers, Beginners to Pros & ALL Motorcycles Are Welcome. ** Membership in CTMDR is not required to participate (race) in any of the CTMDR Races.     CTMDR Membership Form

The class designation is S/ET followed by the Rider Number.

A rider may only enter one bike in this class, and that bike may only be entered one time in this class.

Street ET Qualifying Procedure:
All Run Field.   All entries in the Street ET Class will run round one and two of qualifying on a random pairing basis.    After Round Two an Elimination Ladder will be produced based on riders time from round two.

Buybacks:  —   1st Round Buybacks Only

Points / Entry Fees / Payouts:
Rider & Bike is included in the Entry Fee.  Entry Fee / Payout go to:  CTMDR 2019 Entry Fee – Payouts    Points earned in each Race by CTMDR Members go to: CTMDR Membership Form    **** Trophies and Payout to the – Winner – Runner Up – Semi.

The Street E.T. Class will be a Points Class at all CTMDR Events including The ALL Star Race.      The Street E.T. Class is a Points-Earning Class and at the end of the season a Champion will be crowned.   Riders it is your responsibility to monitor and make sure points awarded to you are correct after every event.   All requests for points adjustments must be made in writing to within thirty days of the points posting for the event in question.    Give us an accurate description on your concerns.

Please understand CTMDR will strive to keep the points tabulations for all classes accurate and correct and we hope by you monitoring your own points earnings, any errors we have made will be corrected quickly. *** After 30 days no adjustments will be considered.

Open to ALL Street Bikes with Street legal or Non-Street Legal motorcycle engines.

Gasoline, alcohol and nitrous allowed.   **No propylene oxide.

Any Street Legal Frame.    Must pass Tech Inspectors approval for safety.

Suspension:    Front suspension minimum travel of 2 inches.

Ground Clearance:
The motorcycle must have a minimum of 2” ground clearance with rider sitting on the bike.

Front and Rear Brakes are recommended on all bikes entered and must be in good working condition.   We want you to stop.

2-steps, delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are prohibited.   Delay boxes and electronic throttle stops are not permitted on the motorcycle, they must be disconnected and removed.

Any ignition system is allowed.    Computers: only data gathering computers allowed.

Control Switches:
Must be mounted and constructed in a safe, craftsman-like manner.   Must have an emergency kill switch on all motorcycles.    Almost all factory type handle bar switches have kill switches on them and it should kill your bike if something goes wrong.

Handlebar controls must be located in safe, workable position.  Foot pegs and foot controls must be located in safe, workable position and must be mounted in a safe, craftsman-like manner.    All controls must meet or exceed OEM equipment standards.

DOT or Aftermarket approved light system. headlight, taillight and brake light must work.

Chain Guard:  
We recommend you have a chain or belt guard for primary and secondary drives.

Can run any stock or after market transmission.    Belt drives are legal. Rear wheel drives may consist of any ratios and materials..

Aftermarket slider clutches prohibited.   Clutch Engagement and disengagement must be controlled by conventional cable or hydraulic ‐ actuated clutch lever. With the engine off and the bike in gear, the clutch must have sufficient engagement force to prevent the bike from being rolled without either sliding the rear tire or rotating the engine. With the brakes locked or the bike otherwise blocked from rolling, the clutch system must have sufficient engagement force at idle to kill the engine if the clutch lever is released. Idle may be set between1500 ‐ 2000rpm for this test. The use of ECU mapping or electrical system functions to simulate the positive results of this test is not allowed, engine kill must be as a direct result of clutch engagement drag.

Tires:     DOT Street Tires and must pass inspection.

Wheelie Bars:     NOT Allowed

Stock OEM wheels or aftermarket performance wheels.    Any size is legal.

Stock OEM fenders and gas tank, or custom fenders and gas tank are allowed but must be mounted and constructed in a safe, craftsman-like manner.    Shells are legal.   Rear fender must cover the width of the rear tire and extend beyond the vertical center line of the rear axle.

Fairing:    Allowed.

Stock OEM or seat with a step to prevent the rider from sliding backwards. (All motorcycles must have a motorcycle seat)

All motorcycles must pass tech before practice.   Motorcycle, rider and their protective gear must pass tech.    Tech official will have final say on any unclear rule or equipment.

General Safety:
Helmet – Full coverage helmets only! Must be Snell-2000 or ECE 22.05 or helmet approved by tech   Eye protection is required.    Protective Clothing – Leather jackets, full-finger leather gloves and hi-top leather shoes or boots. Riders exceeding 120 mph must wear full leathers. Safety is very important – Please Be Safe.


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