Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing
Grudge M/C Racing
Heads-up Class Run on a .400 Pro Tree

Grudge M/C Racing is open to all 2‐wheel motorcycles and snowmobiles. 3‐wheel or 4‐wheel vehicles are prohibited.    This class is run in an all out “Run What You Brung” racing format.

The class designation is  G Plus the Bike #.   All entrants must display this designation on both sides of their motorcycle by their bike number.    Rider & Bike is included in the Entry Fee.

Grudge is a heads-up class run on a 1/8th mile drag strip – .400 Pro Tree.   Each opponent sets up his or her own races.    “No times displayed” unless racers request time displayed.

Time Slips:
In the event that there is a time slip printer failure and you need to pick up your time slip in the tower.   Only the rider whose name is on the tech card may pick up the time slip and they must bring their ID to the tower with them.     This is done to protect the privacy of your time slip, as anyone can falsely claim they are on the team or own the bike.

Points:   This is NOT a Points Class — NO Points Awarded

Front and Rear Brakes are required on all bikes entered and must be in good working condition.   We want you to stop.

Engine:    Open to ALL Street legal and Non-Street legal engines

Fuel:     Gasoline, alcohol and nitrous allowed.   No propylene oxide.

Frame:  Any style and material frame is legal.    Must pass Tech for safety.

Chain Guards:     Chain guards are required on all entries.

Functional charging system, self starting, head and taillight w/ brake light, and kill switch required.      Headlight and taillight must be retained in stock locations and operate automatically when ignition is switched to the ON position.       Turn indicators optional.

All motorcycles must have a functional OEM headlight or aftermarket headlight.      All motorcycles must have a functional OEM tail light or aftermarket tail light.     Flash lights are not permitted to be used as headlight or tail light.

Clutch:     All clutch systems allowed

Tires:   DOT street tires only are permitted.      All tires must have visible tread.      Slicks are not permitted.

Wheelie Bars:    Wheelie bars are prohibited.  — NOT Allowed

Ground Clearance:
All bikes must have a minimum of 2” ground clearance with rider sitting on bike, straight up perpendicular to the ground.

General Safety:
All bikes must have 2″ of ground clearance.   All riders must have a SNELL 95 or higher full face helmet, shoes above the ankle, leather gloves, and a leather jacket.   Any rider running faster than 10.99 must also have leather pants. Pants and jacket are not required to be zipped together.   Nylon or textile jackets and pants are not permitted, even if they have pads.   All jackets and pants must be made of 100% leather.


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