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Beginners Motorcycle Drag Racing Classes /Seminars

Nobody’s born knowing how to drag race, everybody drag racing was a newbie once. Going to the track the first time can be intimidating.    CTMDR is always interested in getting people interested in Motorcycle Drag Racing and Beginners to all our Motorcycle Drag Racing Events.  Today’s Beginning Racers Could Be Tomorrows Rising Stars. You are the future of the sport.

CTMDR with Veteran Motorcycle Racer Chris Rasile is offering a “Beginners Motorcycle Drag Racing Classes /Seminars”, FREE to all interested at the Drag Strips CTMDR is Racing At.   Check out Chris’s Racing Bio.  I believe Chris is qualified to offer advice and suggestion to the people interested in the “Beginners Motorcycle Drag Racing Classes ” Seminars”

These classes / seminars are centered on giving you the beginning Motorcycle racer and potential future Motorcycle Racer an idea / perception on what you may need to do if and when you decide to drag race a motorcycle.   You can fill out a form to register at the drag strip for any class, seminar or you can print this form out fill it out and bring it with you if you like — Beginners Motorcycle Drag Racing Classes Entry Form

Our goal with these classes / seminars is to give people interested in learning something about Motorcycle Drag Racing a place to give it a try. Everyone that is drag racing a motorcycle had to start somewhere and they had someone to given them pointers and suggestions Our goal with these classes / seminars is to give a person an idea on what to do and expect when you come to a drag strip to race your motorcycle.

These classes / seminars are FREE to everyone but we ask you to sign up for the class / seminar.  Beginners Motorcycle Drag Racing Classs Entry Form

These classes / seminars are held at the drag strips CTMDR is holding racing events at.

Class (Seminar) times will be posted at each CTMDR Race.

CTMDR does not provide motorcycles for anyone to ride at the drag strips.

*** Note —  This article, class / seminar is intended as a guide to some of the basic things that you will encounter when you begin drag racing. Many riders may offer you advice, try it all to see what works for you. And remember, safety first, don’t try anything you’re not comfortable with. Riders experience levels differ, what may be easy and safe to one person, may be difficult and dangerous to another. Always wear appropriate safety gear. We recommend leathers and boots along with the correct safety rated helmet and gloves.

Yes you can take your motorcycle down the drag strip after the class / seminar if you so desire.   We will work with the tracks and our racing schedule to set aside a time for the people in the class / seminar to have your own T & T time. Yes you and your bike do have to pass tech to go onto the track. CTMDR offers a “Rookie Street” Class.


Below is  a general list of items that may be discussed in the Beginners Motorcycle Drag Racing Class’s / Seminars with instructor   Veteran Motorcycle Racer Chris Rasile

The Track – Preparing the racing lanes is done by the Track. Before anyone goes down the track all racers are welcome to look over the track and get familiar with the race track.


  •  Racers Required / Recommended Clothing
  •  Your Bike Safety Requirements to go Racing
  •  Displaying Your Racing Number on Your Bike
  •   How do you get your racing number
  •   Passing Tech to go Race
  •  Left Lane or Right Lane on the Drag strip
  •  The different Staging Lanes at Tracks
  •  Learn the hand signals the track staff are using to direct racers
  •  The Water Box?
  •  The Burnout
  •  Where to start your burnout
  •  How to do a burnout
  •  Controlling Your Bike during your Burnout
  •  The Tree, The Lights, .500 light vs .400 Pro Light
  •  Tree Countdown
  •  Green Light vs Red Light
  •  Approaching the Starting Line
  •  Pre Staging
  •  Staging
  •  Leaving the Tree
  •  Going Down The Track — In a Straight Line.
  •  The Finish Line (1/8th or ¼ Mile Tracks)
  •  Slowdown are of the drag strip
  •  The Turn Off
  •  The Return Road
  •  Getting Your Time Slip
  •  Reading / Understanding your Time Slip

*** Questions From People Attending.

Every form of racing can be brutal to the failings of being a human, but none is as cruel when it comes to drag racing. Everything happens so fast, in such a compressed way, that almost any little mistake, any loss of focus, any misplaced step has enormous consequences. There isn’t any time for recovery in a drag race — everything you do in that race has to be right. If something don’t fell right slow down, check you equipment and when comfortable try again.

Disclaimer:   While this class / seminar is based on facts and recommendations  about drag racing, there is also personal views, suggestions and opinions from CTMDR and Professional Motorcycle Drag Racer – Chris Rasile.

Thank you for Attending  —  Good Luck and Be Safe Racing / Sonny


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