Carolina Thunder Motorcycle Drag Racing
*Pro Dragster

The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s brought about a massive change to the Motorcycle Drag Racing World. When mechanics and riders modified their engines, frames, swing arms and added wheelie bars. Some event adding two or three engines to a custom made racing frame and their creations were not only fast but were crowd drawers at the Drag Strips.

The Pro Dragster is a Purpose-built, Nitro Fuel, High Gear Only,  Push Rod 45 V-Twin Engine
*  Any Stroke & Crankshaft
*  Belt Drive or Chain
*  High Gear Only.
** Engine Restraint / Straps  (safety)
** Run What You Brung

These Nitro Fuel Bikes Are Built Specifically For All Out Drag Racing.  We Welcome Pro Dragsters to Show or Participate at ALL CTMDR Races.

Designation: “ BF” followed by Bike Number.

Racing Format:
400 Pro Tree – Must Pass Tech & Safety Inspection.

B-Fuel Pro Dragster Qualifying Procedure Set Up By Racers Entered.

Common Sense Rules Specifications

Engine:    (Pushrod, 45 V-Twin Designed Engines).   Pushrod aftermarket heads are legal including 4 valve heads.    Crankcase and all tanks containing fluids must have vent tubes routed to catch can or have a non-spill breather system on motorcycle.   Must have Belly Pan Scatter Shield under engine.   Cylinder Hear Restraint Mandatory.  (Safety)

Fuel:   Nitro methane and/or methyl alcohol only.   No propylene oxide or nitrous allowed.   Fuel Shutoff Valve is required.

Chain Guard:   Chain or Belt Guards are mandatory.  (safety)

Transmission:   Single Speed Drive Train Only.

Clutch:    Any centrifugal and/or RPM controlled clutch may be used.   The clutch must be self-contained.   No fluid or electrical inputs may control the operation of the clutch.   Clutch must have strong protective covering. NO Clutch Cannons with carburetor bikes.

Brakes:   Hydraulic type, Front & Rear, mandatory and must be in good working order.   Minimum brake rotor size should be  9-inch diameter, 1/8-inch thickness for rotors.   Brake Rotors may be drilled only if minimum diameter and thickness are maintained.   We want you to stop.

Suspension:   Front suspension minimum travel of 2 inches.   Fork stops required; must limit the turning arc to 28 degrees.   Steering dampeners are mandatory.   Rear suspension not necessary.

Frame:   Any type permitted.   All frames should be tig welded and main rails must have a minimum diameter of one inch.

Ground Clearance:   Minimum of 2 inches with rider on motorcycle, includes exhaust and kickstand.

Tires:   Must be specified for racing use by manufacturer.    Rear tire tread width must fit under the fender.

Wheelie Bars:  Wheelie bars are required.   Should be securely cross-braced.

Wheels:    Your Choice

Rear Fender:   Rear Fender must cover width of tire and extend past the rear axle.

Fairing:   Must be mounted solidly mounted.

Seat:   Seat, tail section and rear fender may be incorporated into one unit and must include a step to prevent rider from sliding backward.

Ignition:   Any

Charging System:   Not necessary.

Starting System:   Should be electric external starter.   Battery top covers are required.   No rollers.   No push starts.    Jack Stands are mandatory for starting.     No dry hops in pits.

Rider Credentials:    Valid Competitor License from any Snatching Body. Proper License & Pass Tech.

Helmet:   Full Coverage Helmets Only!    Must be Snell-2000 or ECE 22.05 approved. Eye protection required.

Protective Clothing:   Full finger leather gloves with knuckle armor and palm reinforcement, one piece or full circumference zippered leather suit with knee, elbow and shoulder armor or reinforcement, spine/back protector and above the ankle leather boots with toe area reinforcement are required.

Chest Protection:   Chest protectors are recommended.   “Ballistic chest protection” (meaning bullet proof) is a device worn to protect the rider’s chest from puncture of flying debris in case of catastrophic engine explosion.

Tech:   All motorcycles must pass tech in before practice. Motorcycle, rider and his protective gear must be present at tech area.   Tech official will have final say on any unclear rule or equipment.


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